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Get proactive with your part quality

Build better parts more efficiently with predictive quality analytics

Wouldn’t it be great if you could identify quality issues in your manufacturing facility during production? Doesn’t that sound way more efficient and cost-effective than waiting until a complex part reaches the end of line before learning that something went wrong?

Our LinePulse software solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to analyze the complex data you generate during precision manufacturing and provides you with actionable insights your team can use to find and fix problems on the shop floor. 

LinePulse pulls data together from different systems throughout your facility and performs advanced analytics to help you accelerate root cause analysis and improve first time through. With real-time visibility into your production and quality, you will build better parts, more efficiently. 

Improve quality and first time through

Reduce scrap and rework

Increase operational efficiency

Accelerate your digital transformation

With LinePulse keeping a constant pulse on the health of your manufacturing in real time, you can extract actionable insights from your data and: 

  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive data processing and analytics tasks 
  • Identify problems proactively  
  • Remove disruptive impacts on production 
  • Improve your day-to-day problem solving by utilizing the data you’ve already collected from across the shop floor 

Gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing quality​

Prepare your data quickly and easily

  • Automate the collection of critical manufacturing and part data across all processes 
  • Use our interactive, drag-and-drop view for flexible, scalable data ingestion (no coding required)   
  • Identify and label data fields, mapping your station, signal, and limit data into a line configuration 
  • Add and change sensors easily over time as your setup changes  
Flexible and Scalable Data Ingestion of Your Data
LinePulse Capability Metrics - common platform for SPC and machine learning

Visualize your data, all in one place

Detect anomalies in manufacturing quality

  • Monitor individual or groups of signals for abnormalities in real time 
  • See multiple contributors to a problem 
  • Understand major influences on the issue 
  • Identify origin of hard-to-troubleshoot problems and likely causes of defects with greater accuracy 
  • Analyze root causes of failures 
Detect anomalies in manufacturing quality with machine learning and artificial intelligence
Root Cause Analysis - locating defects and causes of failures

Identify and solve issues faster

  • Configure real-time alerts so you can focus your attention elsewhere 
  • Notify team members of high-impact predictions, flagging where to look for failures 
  • Address issues before they impact production 
  • Avoid problems proactively 
  • Move to operational excellence; gain a holistic approach to continuous quality improvement 

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LinePulse in action

LinePulse for leak testing in EV batteries

LinePulse for Injection Molding

AI-driven assembly

Reducing rework in axle manufacturing

LinePulse SVD

LinePulse 3.0 Release Notes

“LinePulse is an important solution in Dana’s digital strategy and helps our manufacturing teams automate overhead, monitor and manage product quality, and optimize productivity. Due to the success of a multi-year engagement with Acerta, we are deploying the next generation of LinePulse in key driveline and e-Propulsion plants.”
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Joel Scott, Vice President, Global Continuous Improvement

LinePulse FAQ

Here are preliminary answers to the questions we hear most often about our flagship product, LinePulse.

SPC is good for analyzing processes but it wasn’t designed to help you improve the quality of your parts. It’s not great at catching random anomalies and it won’t catch all defects so you might still experience performance issues. SPC control limits are tight so you might fail good parts. LinePulse provides additional value over SPC: it collects data from systems across your plant and gives you a consolidated view of your manufacturing data, including information that you can’t get from SPC alone. Our Capability Metrics (“Cap Metrics”) provides a traditional-looking SPC dashboard allowing you to streamline your reporting requirements and dive into your data using familiar approaches. And, our Anomaly Detection functionality can catch changes in your signals or drift in sensor data where traditional SPC methods would fail. LinePulse doesn’t need to replace SPC – it supplements SPC.  

Data science teams tend to be model-centric meaning they often use machine learning to solve single problems. It’s not scalable to focus on one problem at a time because you need to build a custom model for every new issue you encounter and it can take weeks to find a solution after a problem occurs. This is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and not viable in production over the long term. LinePulse is a scalable solution specifically aimed at manufacturers to give your line engineers, quality personnel, and operators real-time visibility into production. It provides the information your team needs to act on issues immediately so you can find and fix problems easily.

Absolutely! We designed LinePulse for quality engineers and line operators, not data scientists. LinePulse uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to find defects that were previously hard to find. In data science circles, the information that LinePulse provides is called “explainable” because it performs advanced analytics using machine learning and makes the results easy to understand. We like to think of these actionable insights as “human-friendly” 😊 Bonus: you won’t even know you’re using ML/AI most of the time – it’s baked into the solution and works behind the scenes. You just need to build parts and collect data to get value from LinePulse. We can use whatever data you have available and our team can assist you in determining whether your data sources are sufficient to provide the information you’ll need to meet your goals. 

LinePulse provides actionable insights into production and part quality in manufacturing real time. We designed it to give you a constant pulse on the overall health of your line so as soon as something happens on your manufacturing floor, LinePulse learns about it. Then, it gives you visibility into your real-time data and provides actionable insights so you’ll know where to look to find and fix problems.    

We harness the massive computing power of the cloud to do advanced analytics via machine learning. And – because LinePulse is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution – we can push continuous improvements through the cloud as we add new innovations to the product. You will always have the “latest version” of LinePulse. Cloud connectivity gives you the ability to share your manufacturing data and best practices between different plants, regardless of their location. So, the cloud has a lot to offer you, the customer, and us, the AI company. That’s a win-win in our books.  

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Stop wasting time hunting down production issues. LinePulse is the intelligent, proactive warning system powered by machine learning. It examines suspicious behaviour between seemingly unrelated signals on your manufacturing line by looking at them together and alerts you when something looks strange so your team can address potential problems. 

Get ahead of the curve. Arm yourself with the insights you need to troubleshoot issues quickly and improve part quality during precision manufacturing.

Are end-of-line tests a bottleneck in your process?

Predictive quality software can speed up your quality control process and make it more effective.