You Bring the Haystack, We'll Find the Needles

Identify anomalies in production data and catch defective assemblies before they reach the end of the line.


Forged from Experience

LinePulse is built with domain knowledge acquired through an extensive history of working with datasets from transmissions, axles, gearboxes, engines, etc., giving it a decisive edge in automotive applications compared with generic "AI" solutions.

Driven by Data

Acerta maintains the industry's largest anonymized database of automotive products, processes, and failure modes, giving our data scientists a head start on any automotive dataset. We deliver results in weeks, not months.

Iterative Improvement

LinePulse is getting better every day. Acerta's data scientists are constantly updating and adding to our machine learning model library, ensuring that LinePulse will continue to deliver the highest levels of accuracy and precision.

LinePulse Modules

LP Discover

Enhance EoL

LP Discover

"...detected 40% of gearboxes that passed EOL but failed under warranty."
"...achieved a 0% false negative rate and <1% false positive rate."
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LP Diagnose

Accelerate RCA

LP Diagnose

"...reduced time for root cause analysis from 2 weeks to 1 hour."
"...eliminated 99.75% of signals requiring manual investigation during RCA."
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LP Prescribe

Maximize FTT

LP Prescribe

"...achieved a 65% reduction in failure and rework rates, leading to a significant improvement in FTT and cost reductions for the client."
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Case Studies

Engine Failure Modes

LP Discover predicts engine failures with 93.3% accuracy, enabling technicians to identify and diagnose issues more quickly.

Predicting Gearbox Failures

LP Discover identifies gear tooth fractures that were not detected during End of Line testing, saving €2M in warranty costs.

EPS Vibration Testing

LP Diagnose identifies faulty electric power steering systems with a false negative rate of 0% and false positive rate of <1%.

Faulty Transmissions

LP Diagnose reduces signals requiring manual investigation for root cause analysis by 99.75%.

Engine Failures (Misfires)

LP Diagnose extracts 91% of engine misfires from historical data after less than a week of training.

Automated Component Selection

AI recommendations from LP Prescribe during assembly reduce failure and rework rates by 65%.

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