Turn Insight into Efficiency

Acerta’s LinePulse platform utilizes automotive product and production data to enhance testing, accelerate root cause analysis, and improve throughput.


Automotive Intelligence

LinePulse is based on a domain-specific architecture designed for optimal performance when analyzing datasets from transmissions, axles, gearboxes, engines, and other automotive components and assemblies.

Industrial-Grade AI

LinePulse is built to facilitate the development, deployment, and maintenance of machine learning models for automotive manufacturing applications, delivering AI-curated data directly to line engineers for optimal decision making.

Complete Unified Coverage

Acerta's architecture is capable of ingesting both manufacturing and in-service data into a single machine learning platform, normalizing it across all sources to yield insights throughout the entire product life cycle.

LinePulse Modules

Smart Line Analytics

Enhance Data Visibility

Smart Line Analytics

"...reduced time for root cause analysis from 2 weeks to 1 hour."
"...eliminated 99.75% of signals requiring manual investigation during RCA."
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Intelligent Component Selection

Optimize Throughput

Intelligent Component Selection

"...achieved a 65% reduction in failure and rework rates, leading to a significant improvement in FTT and cost reductions for the client."
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Advanced Anomaly Detection

Maximize Quality

Advanced Anomaly Detection

"...detected 40% of gearboxes that passed EOL but failed under warranty."
"...achieved a 0% false negative rate and <1% false positive rate."
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Insights with
Real Impact

Acerta's clients have used LinePulse to cut their defect rates, reduce line stoppages, and improve throughput.

Case Studies

Faulty Transmissions

Smart Line Analytics reduces signals requiring manual investigation for root cause analysis by 99.75%.

EPS Vibration Testing

Smart Line Analytics identifies faulty electric power steering systems with a false negative rate of 0% and false positive rate of <1%.

Engine Testing

Smart Line Analytics extracts 91% of engine misfires from historical data after less than a week of training.

AI-Driven Assembly

Intelligent Component Selection during assembly reduces failure and rework rates by 65%.

Engine Failure Modes

Advanced Anomaly Detection predicts engine failures with 93.3% accuracy, enabling technicians to identify and diagnose issues more quickly.

Predicting Gearbox Failures

Advanced Anomaly Detection identifies gear tooth fractures that were not detected during End of Line testing, saving €2M in warranty costs.

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