Manufacturing analytics use cases

Predictive quality and advanced analytics projects that help manufacturers solve production problems

Nissan Failure Prediction Analytics Project

Failure prediction analytics for Nissan

Nissan collaborated with Acerta to develop a failure prediction system for vehicle components. Through a combination of data sets and machine learning algorithms, a prototype was created that accurately estimates engine health and predicts the remaining driving distance until failure.

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Electric vehicle battery pack

Improving leak testing of EV batteries

Leak testing can be a time-consuming and delicate process but it’s critical that manufacturers get it right. This use case describes how EV battery manufacturers can ensure quality with advanced analytics from their manufacturing data using LinePulse.

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Injection molding process improvements

Predicting injection molding defects with AI

Injection molding requires a high degree of technical expertise to execute successfully. This manufacturing analytics use case describes how LinePulse provides advanced warning of potential defects, so operators and engineers can intervene proactively and prevent scrap.

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Automate root cause analysis and predict defects in real time

How is that possible?