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Our mission is to empower our customers’ data, helping them realize greater efficiency and cost savings on production lines and throughout the in-service life of a vehicle. Born out of the world-renowned engineering laboratories at the University of Waterloo, Acerta was created to augment technical knowledge of automotive systems with data science and machine learning, uncovering actionable insights from vehicle and production data.

We’re helping automakers get complex products to market faster, more efficiently, and with fewer defects by amplifying domain knowledge with artificial intelligence to locate the earliest indicators of future product failures. For fleets and autonomous vehicles, our advanced vehicle health solutions pinpoint and predict failures before they happen, ensuring maximum utilization and efficiency of assets through their in-service life.

Our goal is to transform automotive quality by supporting the entire product life cycle, from the assembly line to the finish line.

Our Values



We’re helping manufacturers improve the quality of their products with quality products of our own. That means we need to strive for excellence and take pride in our work.



We’re using cutting-edge technology to solve problems in an industry that’s been around for a century. This often requires creative thinking in business as well as development.



We encourage open lines of dialogue between everyone, from intern to CEO, data scientist to account executive.



We believe in embracing feedback with a focus on humility and personal growth, and trying to ask advice at least as often as you give it.

Leadership Team

Greta Cutulenco

Chief Executive Officer

Alan Tan

Chief Technology Officer

Jodi Johnson

Chief of Staff

Board Members

Greta Cutulenco

Co-Founder & CEO at Acerta

Sebastian Fischmeister

Co-Founder & CSO at Acerta

Brian Kobus

Partner & Head of Operations at OMERS Ventures

Chris Cawston

CEO & Principal at The Cawston Group


Omers Ventures


Microsoft Venture Fund


Radical Ventures


EQT Ventures


StandUp Ventures



Acerta Analytics Appoints Alan Tan as Chief Technology Officer
Acerta Analytics and NEXTY Electronics Collaborate on Automotive Analytics Services
Acerta Analytics and Challenger Motor Freight Partner on Fuel Economy Optimization
Acerta Analytics Releases LinePulse 2.0
Acerta Analytics & Global Alliance Automotive (GAA) AG Collaborate to Expand AI & Machine Learning in the Auto Industry
Acerta Analytics Now Offers Production Line Consultancy Services
Acerta Analytics Closes USD $7 Million in Series A Funding to Help Automakers Capture Value from Vehicle and Production Data
Acerta to Demonstrate Strategies for Dealing with Dynamic Manufacturing Data
Acerta to Showcase Manufacturing AI Platform at IAA 2019

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