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Acerta Professional Services

Discover hidden insights from your manufacturing data with advanced analysis

Custom manufacturing data analysis

When you engage with the Acerta Professional Services team, we’ll work on a customized project to help you solve issues previously thought too challenging to solve. To do so, we’ll leverage our domain expertise in automotive engineering, data science and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI).

Our services can help you:

What is Acerta Professional Services?

Our extensive, proprietary anonymized database of automotive products, processes, and failure modes gives our data scientists a head start on any dataset.

For example, we are developing an advanced analytics platform of custom machine learning models for Nissan Research Center. The new predictive maintenance technology will enable Nissan vehicle users to receive notifications of maintenance needs ahead of time, which translates into cost-savings and increased safety for drivers. Learn more.

What can we do for you?

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A ready-to-use model that leverages your data to accomplish a target goal (like predicting a parts failure or optimizing a specific process).

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Development of a complete deployable solution that leverages your data and can be available to you afterward.

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Evaluation of your dataset and recommendations for improvement of data quality.

Advanced data analysis case studies

Predicting Suspension Failure

Electric Power Steering Vibration

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