We’ve got 10.4 million reasons to celebrate

Certain points in any start-up’s history will stand out from the day-to-day grind:

  • Launching a product after months of hard work, many late nights, and countless cups of coffee…
  • Signing a strategic new partnership or landing a key account after relentless chasing…
  • And, for venture-backed companies like us, closing an important funding round.

We’re thrilled to announce our Series B, led by BDC Capital Industrial Innovation and Thrive Venture Funds, with participation from two of our existing investors, OMERS Ventures and StandUp Ventures.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our investors for your trust and support!

Acerta Series B Funding Announcement

We're pretty excited

We thought we’d introduce you to some boots on the ground, i.e., a few of our team leaders. Here’s why we’re excited about our Series B:
Anne Lowndes

“One of the best parts of my job is meeting and onboarding new people who become part of the talented Acerta family. I’m looking forward to growing our team over the coming months.”  

Anne Lowndes, Office & Operations Manager


“As the ‘numbers guy,’ a strong financial statement always makes me happy. I’m also looking forward to learning from the fresh perspectives that our new investors will bring.”  

Xiudong He, Financial Controller  

“I’m excited to expand our go-to-market capabilities so we can share our Industry 4.0 technology solutions with even more manufacturers around the globe.”    

Heidi Marr, Senior Director of Marketing

Viktor Vuleta

“My team supports our product deployments at customer sites. The Series B will help us add more features and functionality to ensure we continually delight our users.”   

Viktor Vuleta, Customer Success Manager 

And, now for a quick note from our CEO

“When my co-founders, Sebastian Fischmeister and JC Petkovich, and I decided to start the company, we first focused on the technology challenge at hand. We asked ourselves questions like: Is it possible to operationalize machine learning and AI for manufacturing? Can we use advanced analytics to change how automakers approach quality across the lifecycle of the vehicle? What’s the best way to achieve this for the automotive and off-highway industries?

We learned quickly that if we wanted Acerta to thrive instead of just survive, we needed to build a strong team to help us meet our goals, and we needed to create a company culture that fostered our shared values of quality, creativity, transparency, and respect.

I’m very proud of our team and everything we have accomplished so far – and I’m grateful to all our investors who have supported us along the way. This latest funding round will help us push the envelope of what’s possible in manufacturing and it puts us even further along in our mission of understanding the digital thread of data for every vehicle.”

Greta Cutulenco, CEO

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