Empower Your Data

Improve manufacturing throughput and quality, reducing rework and scrap during assembly.

Maximize vehicle uptime and efficiency with advanced fleet and vehicle health solutions.

Empower Your Data

From the Assembly Line to the Finish Line

Are You Getting Value from Your Data?

Manufacturers and fleet managers are spending increasing amounts of time and money to collect and store data from factory floors and connected vehicles.

And yet, almost a third of these digitalization projects fail at the proof-of-concept phase while three quarters of companies languish in the pilot phase after more than a year. The result is wasted investment through unrealized value. 

With deep expertise in automotive manufacturing and systems, Acerta Analytics can unlock the hidden insights from your data, realizing measurable results through our cloud-based infrastructure. Our platforms deploy quickly and at scale on any cloud architecture, realizing value and returns faster than most projects can even get off the ground.

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5 Steps to Realizing Value
from Your Data

Acerta’s cloud-based analytics platforms are designed for automotive manufacturing and in-service applications. Built on a single database architecture deployable to any cloud, our solutions scale seamlessly, empowering your data with machine learning and quickly unlocking its value.

The five steps to realizing value from your data are:

Define the Problem
Assess Data Quality
Define the Solution
Integrate Acerta Infrastructure
Production Deployment



In the plant or on the road, we leverage data science and machine learning to deliver value and insights from your data.


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