Improve Your Part Quality
With Data Insights

The LinePulse Suite of Solutions

Our LinePulse product enhances data understanding across the manufacturing line to accelerate root cause analysis and improve first time yield.

Anomaly Detection

  • Machine learning monitors for abnormalities in real time

  • Configure real-time alerts so you can focus elsewhere

Capability Metrics

  • See how the data has changed over time

  • Explore data without the burden of data engineering

Root Cause Analysis

  • Identify the origin of hard-to-troubleshoot problems

  • Locate the causes of defects with greater accuracy

Why LinePulse?

Improve manufacturing throughput and quality while reducing rework and scrap.

Reduce or eliminate repetitive data processing and analytics tasks.

Get a real-time view of production and quality from anywhere in the world.

Receive alerts and notifications, flagging where to look for issues.

Identify problems proactively and eliminate disruptive impacts on production.

Develop data-driven action plans.

How LinePulse Works

LinePulse can be combined with Acerta Professional Services

Acerta Professional Services

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Case Study

AI-Driven Assembly

AI recommendations for axle assemblies reduce rework rate by 65%.

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