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Acerta は、最先端の技術で精密製造のための機械学習と人工知能(ML/AI)ソリューションの開発に取り組んでいます。



私たちのビジョンは、すべての車両が生み出すデータのDigital Threadsを理解できるようにすることです。



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What makes Acerta so special?

Here’s what our team members told us in an anonymous employee survey.

What's it like to work at Acerta?

Lily Jin

Lily Jin, Senior Data Engineer

What does your day-to-day work look like at Acerta?

This varies a lot. Mostly I work on improvement, building infrastructure that helps us stream data from IoT sensors in assembly plants. I am often working on solving potential errors in the system, and improving features.

How closely do you work with others on your team?
I have once a day meetings. My role is kind of independent, because I'm the only person working on one piece of the project. It's a supportive role for the application front end team.

What skills and qualities does it take to be most successful in your role?
Responsibility, problem solving skills, communication. Being detail oriented. Also project management is helpful to manage priorities and my own time is very important.

Mohammed AlNaggar

Mohammed AlNaggar, Software Engineer (Full-stack)

What I something you enjoy about Acerta that is different than your previous role?
Acerta trusts their employees and provides great mentorship. I don't feel micromanaged. I am trusted with bigger tasks and making important decisions. This is a huge plus for me and something I haven't seen in other companies, especially at the beginning.

What is your favourite part about working at Acerta?
The flexibility of the position. The HR team is helpful and very involved. Acerta cares about the culture and prioritizes their people. It isn't all about making money and profits.

What would you tell a prospective employee?
Acerta is more of a start-up so there is a lot of learning to be done. It has a huge potential since there are not many competitors in the field at the moment. The management team is extremely driven and intelligent, which makes me feel confident in the direction we are heading.

Arya Abawi

Arya Abawi, Machine Learning Engineer

How do you contribute to the software in your role?
At Acerta, we are set up with a micro-services architecture. Instead of having one monolithic repo, we have small pieces that are connected together. We are trusted with ownership over these components. This means I have a lot of say in how things are designed.

What kind of growth or advancement is possible in your role?
There is room for growth both technically and on the managerial side. And even on the managerial side here, there is still an opportunity to contribute technically.

What would you tell a prospective employee?
The job will build your technical confidence. You will start to look at things and say, "Yeah I can build that". You will become comfortable taking on projects that seem too complex in the beginning. You will become technically fearless!

Acerta 従業員特典


We offer standard health and safety, life insurance, long term disability, and critical illness coverage.


We welcome a four-legged fur friend at our headquarters in Kitchener.


We support in-person and remote working options locally and some further away.


We know that life is not always all about work. We have summer events, Halloween parties, holiday dinners, and much more for our employees.


We have a ping pong table so you can have a game to get the creative juices flowing.


We have a quiet room at our head office if you need some extra alone-time.