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Predictive quality for assembly and test in automotive manufacturing

Get proactive with LinePulse

LinePulse utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) to analyze and interpret the vast amounts of product and production data generated during the manufacturing process of intricate components for automotive and off-highway vehicles. This innovative software solution combines the strengths of traditional analysis techniques such as Statistical Process Control with the advanced analytics capabilities offered exclusively by ML/AI technologies.

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We created LinePulse for predictive quality

Every part counts when you are producing high-cost components. LinePulse, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, is the integrated part quality SaaS solution that will put your data to work. LinePulse monitors your production environment in real time, and alerts you of potential quality issues before they occur. Use LinePulse to enhance your data understanding across the manufacturing line, reduce testing times, reduce scrap and rework, and improve first time through.

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Prepare your data efficiently

  • Set up your manufacturing line for data collection in hours, not days
  • Remove data silos by connecting all manufacturing data in one place
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Put your data to work

  • Gain actionable data insights
  • Receive real-time alerts so you can address production issues fast
Visual predictive quality analytics

Gain deeper data insights

  •  Automate the collection of manufacturing reports and analysis
  • Find new relationships between test and measurement signals
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Move to operational excellence

  • Analyze the root cause of issues
  • Gain a holistic approach to continuous quality improvement

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Results our customers have seen


Reduced failure and rework rates


Improved defect detection


Reduced fuel cell testing time

LinePulse in action

AI-Driven Assembly - Case Study

Reducing axle rework

Smart Line Analytics

Faulty transmissions

Engine hot test

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Simplify quality with LinePulse

Automate root cause analysis and predict defects in real time

How is that possible?