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Working with artificial intelligence and machine learning for automotive manufacturing, we’re used to hearing many of the same questions over and over again:

  • Why do I need A.I. in my manufacturing environment?
  • What’s the difference between A.I. and machine learning?
  • How is machine learning different from SPC?
  • What data do you need to use machine learning and how much?
  • And what does a machine learning deployment in manufacturing look like?

That’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg, one that includes a whole slew of technical questions as well as a healthy dose of skepticism. 

You probably have some of your own.

But rather than reading yet another company blog post or technical article in a trade magazine, why not give Google a break and ask the people who know directly?

Join us on May 12th at 1:00pm for a 30-minute webchat with Acerta’s J.C. Petkovich and Nathan Lai, two experts in the field of industrial machine learning. They’ll answer your burning questions about A.I. in manufacturing, and you can even ask ahead of time when you register.

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