Machine learning and Industry 4.0 Q&A

Working with artificial intelligence and machine learning for automotive manufacturing, we’re used to hearing many of the same questions over and over again:

  • Why do I need A.I. in my manufacturing environment?
  • What’s the difference between A.I. and machine learning?
  • How is machine learning different from SPC?
  • What data do you need to use machine learning and how much?
  • And what does a machine learning deployment in manufacturing look like?

That’s just the tip of the tip of the iceberg, one that includes a whole slew of technical questions as well as a healthy dose of skepticism. You probably have some of your own.

That’s why we hosted this 30-minute webchat with two of Acerta’s experts, J.C. Petkovich and Nathan Lai, answering audience questions about A.I. in manufacturing.

Here’s what they covered:

  • How do you ensure success with a machine learning project?
  • What barriers or risks do you typically see?
  • How do you deal with retraining?
  • Where do you think AI tech is heading?
  • What are your recommendations for industrial data storage?

Have more questions about machine learning and Industry 4.0?