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Predictive quality for injection molding

Get proactive with LinePulse

LinePulse uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (ML/AI) on data generated during manufacturing processes such as injection molding, infrared welding, and assembly and test. It uses traditional analysis like SPC along with advanced analytics only possible with ML/AI technologies to detect potential quality issues so that you can intervene quickly to prevent scrap.

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Reduce risk during injection molding

Use LinePulse to enhance your data understanding throughout the injection molding process. Process issues and equipment downtime can negatively impact the bottom line. For example, if the molds are partially filled and fail to eject properly, stopping the machine to manually clean out the wasted plastic is time-consuming, costly and unsafe. LinePulse provides you with actionable insights to minimize these risks.

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Prepare and share data easily

  • Set up data collection from your manufacturing line in hours, not days
  • Automate the collection of critical injection molding data

Put your data to work

  • Test tighter control limits virtually
  • Receive alerts in real time so you can address production issues quickly
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Visualize end-to-end processes

  • Connect data from different systems and machines
  • Automate the generation of
    capability metrics

Move to operational excellence

  • Analyze the root cause of issues causing scrap
  • Gain a holistic approach to continuous quality improvement

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LinePulse in action

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Predictive quality for injection molding

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LinePulse for injection molding fact sheet

LinePulse is your predictive quality solution

Automate root cause analysis and predict defects in real time

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