The Darius Grant Show

Maximizing Production Quality and Cost Efficiencies in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is an industry that has taken early interest in the promise that artificial intelligence will deliver massive productivity gains.  Sectors such as autonomous vehicles are generating massive amounts of data that can be used to improve production and vehicle safety, reduce part recalls, and optimize costs using AI.

In this episode, we sit with Greta Cutulenco (Founder and CEO of Acerta Analytics).  Greta has been recognized as a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 in manufacturing.  Launching her startup in Waterloo, Canada, Greta and her team of 40 are enabling hyper focused on improving manufacturing quality using artificial intelligence.

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1:30  Early experience with autonomous vehicles + leveraging AI to improve manufacturing quality

4:00  Benefits of launching a startup in collaboration with a University: talent, data, trust

8:24  What is Acerta and why is it valuable?

10:00  How manufactures currently analyze machine generated data

14:05  How Acerta works with customer to collect data to drive analytics

19:47  Starting with zero data and finding partners to share data to build AI

24:05  Evolving from a University project to startup/commercial product

26:50  Establishing the initial team

28:30  Managing customer conversation in precision manufacturing

32:10  Adjusting to dynamic environments and data when operationalizing an AI model

37:30  Getting customers manufacturing operators to trust AI

43:20  The difference in fundraising as an AI startup vs traditional software