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Leverage cloud-based machine learning and artificial intelligence

Industry 4.0Leading manufacturers know the importance of embracing new innovations, adopting new digital capabilities, and investing in Industry 4.0 technologies. But, as physical and digital systems converge, many factories still wonder how they can up-level their manufacturing operations.

We hear these questions a lot:   

      • How can we increase efficiency?  
      • What can we do to improve production and throughput?  
      • Can the data we collect tell us anything meaningful?  
      • Is it truly possible to do analyze our data in real time? 

Maybe you’ve started to invest in Industry 4.0 initiatives and you’re already collecting a lot of data but you don’t have the resources to derive much value from it. Or, maybe you’re just getting started with your digital transformation (D/X). Regardless of where you are on your D/X journey, we can help.  

Our ML/AI-enabled LinePulse analyzes the data you generate during precision manufacturing of parts for automotive and off-highway vehicles to provide actionable insights into your part quality. And, we do this in real time.   

Turn your plant into a factory of the future

Acerta PlantLinePulse is a cloud-based product which offers several advantages. First, we harness the massive computing power of the cloud to perform advanced analytics using ML/AI. Second, LinePulse is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution so we push continuous improvements through the cloud as we add new innovations to the product meaning you always have the latest version of LinePulse. Finally, cloud connectivity gives you the ability to share your manufacturing data and best practices between different plants.

Pivotal technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the cloud can help drive growth and innovation in your factory. We believe that Part Quality Management is the missing link that turns a typical plant into an ideal Factory of the Future – and that’s where LinePulse comes inAdding LinePulse to your software stack will help you accelerate your digital transformation and achieve your Industry 4.0 goals.

Increase operational efficiency with real-time data insights and actionable AI

Anomaly DetectionLinePulse analyzes the data your plant generates during production and provides actionable insights to help your manufacturing teams build better parts more efficiently. With real-time actionable insights, your teams become more productive and more proactive. Instead of reacting to problems that have already occurred on the line, they can use real-time insights from LinePulse to make quicker decisions and avoid potential problems.  

By using LinePulse, your manufacturing teams will avoid quality problems continuously and increase operational efficiency. 

Monitor your manufacturing health with a digital twin of each line

Digital TwinLinePulse keeps a constant pulse on the health of each connected line in your plant. With LinePulse monitoring production, throughput and part quality improve. Your manufacturing teams will reduce scrap and rework and accelerate root cause analysis.  

And, LinePulse is fully configurable: you can set up a digital twin of each connected line in a matter of hours through a drag-and-drop dashboard. Then, gain easy access to your data and maximize its value.   

Perform advanced analytics on your big data

Root cause analysisLinePulse provides actionable insights into complex product and production data, particularly relationships and patterns. We designed the platform so non-data scientists can derive its true value. Unattended AIruns in the background to give human-friendly insights into your big data and LinePulse notifies your users of issues – like signal drift – in real time.

The insights into your plant’s big data will help your engineering and quality teams make better day-to-day decisions.  

Predict the highest contributors to quality problems

AlertsQuality engineers and line operators view connected results in intuitive LinePulse dashboards where they can overlay multiple signals or explore specific data of interest. When LinePulse identifies a problem, it displays the detected anomaly and potential root causes of failures, directing attention to stations or devices that can make the most impact to immediate product outcomes. Configurable alerts also notify team members about the highest-impact predictions of failures. 

How it works

  • Reduce or eliminate repetitive data processing and analytics tasks
  • Identify problems proactively and remove disruptive impacts on production
  • Keep a constant pulse on the overall health of your manufacturing line
  • Improve your day-to-day problem solving by utilizing the data you’ve already collected
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